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Chef David Puccinelli of WingSlut adding microgreens to a plate of chicken wings.

About WingSlut

Chef David wanted to share his love of high quality food with the masses, which is why he created WingSlut.

Chef David has a deep love and fascination for sauces. In fact, for the first ten years of his culinary career, he was a saucier. So he decided to marry his two favorite things in the world: sauces and wings. These tested sauces are all created in-house by hand. (Go ahead, ask him what version of Nani the Panda he's on right now.)

Inspired by Asian flavors, each sauce has been meticulously tested and perfected for the most delicious experience. Chef David wanted to be the first to provide exclusively pan-Asian flavored fried chicken wings.

WingSlut wings are always made-to-order with the freshest ingredients.

Try Chef David's creations by clicking the button below! You don't want to miss out on the hype.

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