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The only spot in San Francisco serving premium, jumbo-sized, fried chicken wings exclusively with pan-Asian flavors.

WingSlut is a new concept dreamed up by Chef David Pucinelli who, like many, grew up always curious and glutinous for good food. Since the age of 7, he was dubbed by his family the “sauce king” because at every restaurant he would eat at he would always taste each of the sauces and use the fries (or whatever he was dipping) as merely the vehicles for the sauce.

In 2005, he graduated from the California Culinary Academy with a Le Cordon Bleu Degree. He worked in fine dining establishments such as French Laundry, La Folie, and the Ritz. At these restaurants, and under the guidance of other chefs who weren’t necessarily “well known” but were just as great in their own regard, chef David sharpened his chef and saucier skills.

WingSlut is a concept born out of a love and passion for sauces, wings and chef David's Asian roots. Traveling extensively through Asia, and living through Irvine, KoreaTown in LA and the Bay Area, chef David has always indulged in fried chicken wings inspired by pan-Asian flavors. In particular, he loves the punchy seasonings and marinades, the deep crunch, and the circumstance he often found himself in when indulging in these foods (e.g., drunk with friends in a parking lot drinking beer and munching on wings). In part due to the inability to find a place in San Francisco that could reignite that nostalgia, but in large part due to the anti-Asian sentiment that began to unravel during the pandemic, in 2020 chef David master saucier, decided to make it on his own.

WingSlut was ultimately created to challenge the current food and social landscape (the name in itself is a nod to that effort) and be playful, exciting and cutting edge. But above all, chef David wanted to create wings that were undoubtedly delicious every time. This is why he makes every wing to order, and personally oversees the creation and production of each sauce batch. If it’s any testament to that fact, he’s currently on version number 6 of Nani the Panda (his version of Panda Express’s orange chicken).

V-Sauce WingSlut wings in a tray.
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